by As Oceans

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Nicolas RESSOT
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Nicolas RESSOT Même si cet EP est plutôt bon, il faut bien dire qu'il ne vaut pas les deux albums précédents...Peut-être que le groupe devrait être coaché par Aimé Jacquet...Allez les gars, on se sort les doigts ! Favorite track: Artaosis Pt II: Deliverance.
Can This Even Be Called Music?
Can This Even Be Called Music? thumbnail
Can This Even Be Called Music? Willows is one of the best and most interesting progressive metalcore releases in recent memory.
canthisevenbecalledmusic.com/osr-november-21st-2015/ Favorite track: Artaosis Pt I: The Black Bird.
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H4rd_455_M3 Okay, so as always; As Oceans has delivered! Willows though, is so much differen than their freshman and sophmore albums. Soooo much more in your face uncleans, soul filling cleans, and amazing instrumentals and interludes throughout. Just can't get enough.
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Euclid Every release from As Oceans is a breath of fresh air to me. Their lyrics always tackle abstract and philosophical topics, which is becoming more popular with the rise of Djent, but these guys display a truly deep understanding of eastern philosophy and world music. Favorite track: The Phantom Hunter.
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From the heart of the Appalachian Mountains, North Carolina’s As Oceans delivers their most ambitious, crushing and emotional auditory assault to date with their new EP, entitled Willows. Cryptically recounted through the visceral snarls of vocalist Logan Lawson, the story behind Willows takes shape as a tale of desperation and blood. Intended to depict the tragic tale of Artaosis and The Maiden of Ivory, the earthy and raw soundscapes are built upon the thunderous drumming of Ben Dunlop and the merciless string beat-down of Joey Diehl, Pat Tarpey and Kit Brown. The instruments paint a portrait of an ancient, battle-worn realm as the listener steps behind eyes of The Muse, The Hero and The Villian within the record. With roars that take no prisoners and a tone dialed in to uproot Redwoods, As Oceans draws the line and steps to it. The organic and revivifying approach of Willows comes to set As Oceans apart as the anti-hero in the transparent world of modern metal.


released March 3, 2015

Recorded at Robert F. Gilley Studios/War Height Audio
Mixed and Mastered by War Height Audio



all rights reserved


As Oceans Boone, North Carolina

As Oceans is a metal band from Boone, North Carolina. Our music is largely conceptual of deep thought and reflection as well as peripheral sensation.

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Track Name: Overture
Lyrics by: Logan Lawson

So brings a tale of dead hearts and broken bonds
An exchange of words that brought severance
Soaring on the echoes of thunder
And a throats dry river bed..
But what is cast into fire
Is reborn as light
warming the hands
of our brothers and sisters
Above..and Below…

Forgive me..
I know it’s been awhile
And you’re only a spirit fleeting
But let me just sing to you
Like I did when you felt afraid
and I swear that’s all I want
You can walk as far as you need.
Forever these Oceans will roar
Shaking the mountains
Erasing the darkness
awake in my soul.
Track Name: Artaosis Pt I: The Black Bird
Artaosis Part I: The Black Bird
Lyrics by: Logan Lawson and Kate Smith

{Beloved Maiden:}

Countless moons have come and gone
Since you left the shores in the distance
With the apathy of war tainting your soul.

Since you've left I've been watching the oceans veins pulse,
Standing on forsaken stone pleading the sky for return,
But the clouds never give mercy, only rain.

One day brought a Raven
Talons clutching a page
Your lies signed in ink, the scrawling betrays.

No noble fight you’ve fought for freedom
No noble search you’ve taken for peace.
But innocent blood and a traitor’s nest.
You left here to war, to starve the monster
But you fed yourself to her instead.

I felt my blood turn to water,
Poisoned by your treason.
The raven whispers, soothing, pleading
“Fly with me - follow the fog,”
Then turns to black mist and disappears into the wood.

Into the wilderness, I follow the trace of the black bird’s ghost.
Sorrow turns to hate.
I follow the face of revenge.
The purity of the blackness
breathes into me the life you stole.
The purity of blackness…
The life you stole..

For darkness knows my worth.
Rage will never lie.
I run deeper into the forest
Burning the thought of forgiveness with the bloodiest light.
Track Name: The Phantom Hunter
The Phantom Hunter:
Lyrics by: Logan Lawson and Kate Smith

{Journal entry by Artaosis:}

Day 389
Screams fall silent
As another innocence is taken.
Fulfilling a pride I once abhorred.

My heart the beating drum
Set to winter’s rhythm.

I have fallen for every evil, and still I am hungry.
An eye for an eye, neck for a neck.
A row of seven heads, children of my enemy.

I cut out the heart of purity
and wore it as a jewel.
A season’s change since valor has fallen with this blade
and virtue seized by violence.

Looking down on my crimson hands
and a trough full of innocence,
I've tightened the tourniquet,
ready for the amputation of my salvation
Every kill brings a prophecy,
The raven, my seer, so familiar, visits me at
my site of slaughter.
In his claws is a scroll
Dropped in blood.
A letter penned to my ruined Eden.

Not conquered by my own devices!
Redemption, bring me back beyond the indigo shores!
Unmoved but broken
Charge forward into stillness.
Track Name: The Thunder of Steel Clouds
The Thunder of Steel Clouds
Lyrics by: Logan Lawson and Kate Smith
The Shade performed by Michael Rumple of Lorelei


Carried to land on leviathan water
Onward through a haze of thorns and storm
Crawling through the marsh’s heart of darkness
Led by the ghost of my North Star.

I see her weaving through the reeds.
Glazed eyes, a puppet to an invisible sorcerer.
Entranced by the glimmer of fatality.
My shouts dissipate in the air

An angel in the claws of my own hell

{The Shade}

Oracle of aberration
Surrounded by willows
Finding shade beneath the lotus.
cedar tail wrapped around a maiden of ivory

Omnipresent touch eradicates the pain
From her widowed heart
A vice bigger than its seed
Undead and battle worn.

The humid air
Thick with a putrid stench
Onyx eyes
Transfixed on its father and his prey.

Lead me to your nest
Where you have entrapped
My vision and my opium

What’s done can't be undone
My hands gloved in blood
Even if redemption lost
With the voice of the bear
I call for yours.

Through Rock and Fire
The waltz of the final fight
Crashing like steel clouds
A thunder heard in other worlds.
Track Name: Fragile Fingers
Fragile Fingers:
Lyrics by: Pat Tarpey


I've seen everything fall around me
I brush my fragile finger against the sky
Scratch the sands of time
Your hate, now my own
Dance now with the flames
We've sown the seeds to start anew
Track Name: Artaosis Pt II: Deliverance
Artaosis Part II: Deliverance
Lyrics by: Logan Lawson and Kate Smith


My demon conquers me with fate.
My legs are filled with my own arrows
The shadow carves into me a spell

"Cursed to truth within the Oaks
Watching the sunset bring the night
Hand in hand
With your mercy, betrothed and beguiled.”

The wolf howls my serenade.
My pleas deaden to dry brown leaves.

Wordless yet still
Compelled by how
Her footsteps speak.

Within this sacred surrounding
Dances a scattered light towards rebirth.