Passage - Single Mix

by As Oceans

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Self-Reliance: one of the hardest lessons to learn in order to achieve individual sovereignty within. In its truest form it is a process that is initiated when one realizes that we can only accept that our minds, bodies, souls and our lives never stop “becoming.” The universe, God, whatever way you choose to describe the act of being is always creating and the only inevitability is change. Whether it is positive or negative is beyond our control, and only with compassion for others and steadfast valor can one hope to move forward. All of us have experienced some sort of loss and many of us can say they have had to move on without choice. With this in mind, one can find hope in the observation of the world around us. One of the most fascinating things in nature is seeing the process of decay redeem itself in revitalizing new life, a lesson we think can be applied to the human condition easily. All any of us know is what is directly ahead and only with a clear mind and open heart can it be met and conquered. This song is a narrative through the eyes of all the limitless souls willing to take on what is given to them in times of triumph and in strife. It may take a lifetime to meet them always with the broad shoulders of understanding, but that is what I have found to be the most noble of pursuits.


I drag my tired bones to the saw
Prove what I’m worth through sacrifice
Yet with every single step that I gain
I feel haste on the breath of collapse

When will I finally see
Which road will define me?
A Man must earn the ground he sows
The compass always breaks
The hollow come and go
Let the knives fall as they may
Cutting deep for salvation

There’s no clear path to deliverance
Only endless darkness
We are the candles choked by the wind
don’t come undone, just be still.

In the void of beasts and misery
I may tremble
Eluded by the grips of fear.
show me someone
Without ruin they rose from
And I promise forgotten ends
No purpose behind the means
No purpose behind their teeth.

The Depths call my name
But so does the Mountain spine
Above? Below?
Perdition exists between.

There are many who forever reside
Watching their feet or the blackened sky
Drowning in a myopic sense of purpose
I reject this way of death
inconsistent of what could be..
With pure conviction
I’m more than ready to die

No One will ever
Account for my pain,
Till I am worthy To kill it off.
Walking away unscathed
In a place where true grit means survival
When tragedy takes root
From the cracks new life will eventually grow
Every second I stand
Stands to question reason
Of the ebb and flow.

I drag my tired bones to the saw
Prove my worth through sacrifice
Bones to the saw.
No matter what I may lose
Let the knives fall
Let the dead wood smolder

Now I finally see
That the road ahead will define me
I’ll earn the ground I conquer
The compass always breaks
The hollow will come and go
Let chaos do its worst
I am my own serenity.

Let Chaos do its worst.


released May 31, 2016
Vocals & Lyrics: Logan Lawson
Guitar & Back up Vocals: Pat Tarpey
Bass: Kit Brown
Drums & Back up Vocals: Ben Dunlop

Production: War Height Audio



all rights reserved


As Oceans Boone, North Carolina

As Oceans is a metal band from Boone, North Carolina. Our music is largely conceptual of deep thought and reflection as well as peripheral sensation.

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