Enough Light To Warrant The Contrast

by As Oceans

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Debut album from metal band, As Oceans. Take a journey into a heavy realm and come back tattered and bruised with this album of heavy and melodic brutality.


released July 19, 2012

Written by: As Oceans
Produced and Engineered by: Wes Bryant and Joey Diehl
Mastered by: Jaime King



all rights reserved


As Oceans Boone, North Carolina

As Oceans is a metal band from Boone, North Carolina. Our music is largely conceptual of deep thought and reflection as well as peripheral sensation.

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Track Name: Eternum
What has this life given to me?
I tread this desolate theater of solitude,
And feel as a victim isolated.
A ghost where ghost do not belong,
Undertow with the footsteps at my back
Leave the shifted sand in the black –
Still lost but starting a new track.

Excepting this new life because I have nothing left as an option.
Spherical path, fill the circuit, living carefree don’t forget me.
Confusion unable to predict what’s left to come,
Jumping the gun, no one has won, what have I done?
Who cares I cannot take it back.

I blame no one for who I’ve become.
Forgiveness will not come from others, sometimes you must forgive yourself.
It’s taken a long time for me to get here, walking the trail ready to fail
The world will not stop for my grief but autonomy lasts eternity.
I can feel it, my chance to escape – the time is now the door is open.
Track Name: Measured
No longer following whispers towards forsaken depths
or believing in a destiny of failure.
Looking through the arbiter's eyes.
Every breath taken is a waste.
Empty convictions kept in a stare.
Exiled before given a chance.
Evolving to individual purification.
Knowledge to disregard judgment
depletes the burden that
weighs down the weak.
Confronting the contrasts in the profiles passing.
The only thing shown is the layered perception.
Pull down the sun
to illuminate the world.
Nothing liable for condemnation.
Now inspired to blind us all.
No qualms taking away the cost of separation.
As the bounds of the spectrum narrow,
the distance disappears.
Track Name: Existence Patterns
In passing, circular realms become dust.
Faces wither to bone.
Affliction given
but in the end forgotten.
This is time’s acrimony.
Casting a shadow
that wanders
but is never lost.
Endlessly expanding,
yet to reach the plateau.
With transparent presence,
somehow these silent waves echo.
To be aware of this surreal embrace
and in the same moment realize
the fractal forms one shape
of infinite parallels
waiting to converge.
A serpent’s circle returns in cold blood
separating the primitive, recycling new meaning.
From womb to grave
the distance covered is chosen.
The past was never alive.
What is will never die
until this handless clock of chaos stops.
Track Name: No Reason To Wait
In the beginning addiction sets in
To feel whole requires no cracks in the surface.
How could something so fragile be held by such hands
By such inflicted hands
Dig too deep and the infection will take over
Fearing the end before parting in death.

Trust falters than flat lines
I will not compromise with this impasse
My retrospective vision altered in silence.

Retreating to put an end to misery.
Bleeding out wounds of expectation.

Truth is bereft of love.

Trapped in a cell without a key
Hope for an unattainable fantasy.

The debris is parted in dreaming
Every scream a prayer for sleep.
Still waiting for the day
To come to break my chains.

As I stand exhausted
Still I wait in vain
Still I wait.
Track Name: The Omnist
Cataclysmic, temporal shifts of memory.
Vectors of light and dark refract
Warping once straight lines of existence.
A conundrum of creation.
The sin of the creator.
Shattered dreams of this
are beyond repair.
Psyche falls upon the floor
Cutting bare feet of those who tread
Into the entropic
space of their inhabitance.
Chasing and growing.
Spheres of influence capture fleeting thoughts
Of freedom, the eyes of the kempt begin to open.
Released into bondage everlasting.
A conundrum of creation
The sin of the creator
I have seen beyond the depths of creation
And summoned down daemons from the stars.
Track Name: A Low Center of Depravity
Much of life a visual complication.
A mural of devastating motion.
Generated to appease zero.
Admonish the opponents to discomfort
They lose touch with the spirit.

The inescapable nether where matter is king.
Step across the line to slowly devolve.
Temptation found behind every mirage of promise.
A fantasy where the motives wear the masks.

No escape.
Standing animate,
While the lifeless follow the sheep.

Sole refuge in the pulsating incentive.

Endomorphically filtered through adverse walls.
A state of mind vacant of fear. Seek truth in one, despite the cost.
Waning to a shade void of feeling.

Wholesomely aggregated in the midst of depletion.
Gaia draws acid tears.
My calloused skin has no need for raincoat.
Ridden of the torture of mortality,
By subscribing to the contradicting structures whose foundations have misguided us all.
Track Name: Textures Beneath Bare Feet
Textures Beneath Bare Feet

Awareness, stoned into consciousness.
Every nerve in utility.
Every cell completely responsive.
The gift of sensation, our reason to exist.

Charges make light of gravity, the cosmic punch line.

These forces wage an endless war,
For the attention of our species.
Our very compositions the victims
Of laws without patronage.

Keratin waves with universal energies.
Motions uncontrollable, subconsciously predictable.
Infinite vexations for finite actualities.
Clasp the threshold to visual synapse.

With limbs extended,
Kinetics propelling forward.
Paschar, guide me.

Stepping through halls of darkness.
My sole greeted by a fine grain of the earth.
Such distraction, perceived as a nova
Rather than a galaxy.
Approaching a lucid arch as the aisle terminates.
Thrust into the golden court, the radiance is blinding
Yet my vision is clear.

With enough light to warrant the contrast,
Erosion has clearly left its mark.
This silicon fragment is not what imagination designed.
The senses will not deceive when unified.

Look to the sky
To put the obfuscations all behind.
I am released.
The constant search for clarity has ceased.
Track Name: Celestial Figures
Celestial Figures

An arousing first step, the second a shock of reality.
This stairwell ends in insight.
Our ascension is purely logical.
I am headed to a home much brighter than my own.

Finding the need for molecular composition fleeting.
An element hosting the dependant earthbound vitality.

Displayed here are density’s true extremes, the ominous dualism.
I breathe nothing, for there is nothing to breathe.

Ionic clouds of static precision, portals to the edges of incomprehension.
Shapes the mind cannot fathom, they create the worlds for which we long.

Mineral masses hurtle through the nothingness, incandescent, as if to lead the way.
Reaching a plateau of convalescence. Now look down upon the Earth.

Titan’s path. Feel her wrath.
Silent we wait.
Spiraling into deep slumber.

Viewing the frontier from a great distance.
Moments to revel in the nebulous.

The freezing vision blends with welcoming warmth.
A scene cerebral fabrications cannot contain.
A child’s recreation upon the divine canvass.

We have lived the illusion of being in total control.
Nomination to figures with given names.

An arrow through the arch aimed at the bull. The mother closely trailed by her cub.
All within the dragon’s watchful eye.

The marksman’s waistband, our misconceived notion of direction.
Following the broken compass from infancy.

Each ornament an Eden by selfish definition.
I reach out to caress the tiny orb of light.
Distance is a deceitful construction.
It cloaks the description.

A serene city at the peak.
The embodiment of perfection.

I burn with the stars.
Leaving no trace of the perennial odyssey, the voyage draws an end.

My skin meets new terrain. Death has no meaning here.
No letters to distribute. No laws to abide.
Only a humble revelation.