The Relics of Axiom

by As Oceans

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released November 5, 2013

Recorded at R.F.G. Studios at Appalachian State University
Mixed and Produced by Joey Diehl and Josh Tomkowski
Mastered by Joey Diehl

Artwork by Kate Smith
Graphic Design by Neal Shaw



all rights reserved


As Oceans Boone, North Carolina

As Oceans is a metal band from Boone, North Carolina. Our music is largely conceptual of deep thought and reflection as well as peripheral sensation.

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Track Name: Anima Mundi
Worthy souls deserve to be called so because they are not carried away by the eight winds: prosperity,decline,disgrace,honor,praise,censure,suffering, and pleasure.They are neither elated by prosperity nor grieved by decline. The heavenly gods will surely protect one who is unbending before the eight winds."

Between the cracks in the sky
Where light has not yet reached
The door way between here and beyond.
A search that has left me lost, found, and eventually lost once more.
Realizing it’s suffering that I’ve been seeking all along

Recreate and unpetrify these wings
Only arriving at the beginning of remembrance

Red bleeds through my irises
These eyes that have already seen
The consequences of the age of man
Submerged in a sea of forgotten souls
Blood curdling voices rise with its tides

Hands clasped to a dagger with only skin and bone
Between a rusted heart I never wanted as my own.

I have been deceived into
Believing that these dark corners
Hold any place for solace
For what is seen before me is no place for cowardly acceptance

This transcendence causes memories
To fleet into the abyss.
Track Name: Filth By The Wicked
Overcome by a feeling
Making passive living
Not an option.
Approaching a well that cannot be poisoned
By filth strung out by wicked chance
dishonor the passed by letting these surface wounds
Solidify defeat.

Revealing the skin beneath the cracks
Exposed, decrepit
But never broken.

Grievances have given birth
To this vendetta

In this moment I cast away
doubtful disposition that is waiting for this to suffocate
Neck deep in deficiency
But circumstances will not weaver the determined

Cages of abiding sorrow
Thoughts of mislead avidity
With deep remaining scars
My head is bloody - but unbowed

For I know beyond this place of wrath and tears
Lies the scythe of no remorse

And yet the menace of the years
Finds me - it Finds me unafraid

Unafraid, Unbound, I am unleashed
Unafraid, Unbound, A wrath immortal.
Track Name: Temples
The abandoned mother cries
I feel her tears burn down my face
And before me lies a sanctuary fading

Caused by a gathering of the soulless
Looking for answers in a crypt.
Defending against unseen faces
in the current.
Behind a bridge that should have burned long ago

Hoping to fill a void
once full of Imagination
Now only left with moths and dust

Injections of hope only to dull the pain
From the blisters calloused in shame.

Conceived to keep the perverted chaos in check
A balancing act of life and death
Tainting innocence, encouraged animosity
and Profits from senseless battles waged,
Dividing the modern day serfs and kings

So many convinced the meaning of hell
is not complacency with
Shallow achievement.
How fast did a halo become a noose
Close minded existence -
disintegrating truth
Narratives of the wise mistranslated
Filtered through an agenda
invented to contain a bipedal flock of cattle

Waves that strike the ground
Will Wash away our foot prints
but never the sand.
Reshaping - but always giving life
At times it seems the damage was done at first light
For we were only born to take.
Never take for granted
The temples placed in front of us all
Landscapes whisper the answers

These days bring forth a savage scene
Stepping to the beat of the atmospheres war drum
Marching towards extinction
Blind of purpose and guilty of murder
Rotting while waiting to be absolved
Track Name: Artificial Genesis
Visions of riding a pale horse
Colliding with waves of crystallized rain drops
Bringing a great pain
and a resolute knowledge that Instinct is survival.

Pawns swaying back and forth on a pendulum
Pondering a unchangeable point.
Developed distractions to keep quarantined

A mechanic pulse is the desired effect

Collective thoughts of malice
Manifest to stone
Side tracking progression
breaking the back of atlas.
Letting our world fall into a grave of novas.
Accepting the hold on
sanity is slipping

The damned find solace
In paper wings that fall apart in the wind -
A Synthetic backbone - That grinds away the skin

Of interconnection

Know what is simple
Can be the only truth
Let go of the sinking ship
Your belonging is where you choose to stand.
In every breath another chance.
Track Name: Solemn Take
Weaving a dream
worthy of a new plane
inspired by the edges of oblivion
bred to believe
in an oncoming calamity
that keeps the begging baptized

by water so dirty
it separated a world
conflicted with the same scars

All must be lost
to have reason to be found
holding the mirror
the burden of those who wander.

vows of silence broken
Hope in a voice to break the sky.

realize salvation lays
dormant in the hands
of those misplaced
in the portriat of shifting grays and blues
the anathemas disgused
in devastation

All must be lost
to have reason to be found
holding the mirror
the burden of those who wander

rebuild from the filth we've sown
the frame work must crumble to nothing
find beauty in places most see no hope
The awakened ones will survive

We will survive

All must be lost
to have reason to be fond
holding the mirror
the burden of those who wander without fear

Bleed dry
To find redemption
Hunt the head of an empty solution
bleed me dry, bleed me dry.
Track Name: Unrequited
Here are the secrets
I've kept from myself
each time the wind has been taken from me
reflections make it clear
the harder I push
The further away I'll be

Am I protecting
A worthless cause
standing in limbo
only to dissolve
If I bury these wraiths
Can I walk away unscathed
before it kills me?

Is there any reason
or are we just looking down a dark hall
The ends with out retribution
stones never to be turned
revealing script of purpose and closure?

I have not had enough
of these creations of pure liberation
For they shall shake the pillars
And the untouchable will rise

but will I ever be free?
From this love that has bastardized me.

Will genuine truth
ever return
or was that part of the illusion too?

but will I ever be free?
From this love that has bastardized me.
No; I'll never be free
This prison is my tomb.
Track Name: Architects Of Scorn
A Time to bury the hatchet
in the back of sorrow
Leaving behind a carcass of past transgressions.
Yet to find the eye
Demoralization - an old familer friend.

Takes hand
while slipping under
deaths pale hold.

Saluted at dawn
and brought to the gallows with the coming dusk

But as long as in between
the acknowledgement
of the bells tolled can be sung
in uprising voices.

Pressed against glass
Patiently waiting for the pressure to give way
Exposing my veins
Revelations conclude it's all the same.
But until that hour comes
Construct staircases to ascend them

Shatter foes who suppress
A vision worthy of a thousand lacerations (a thousand lacerations)

Although Spent
Never backing down
Created as a thorn
In the design
Pathways come to end.
on top of a mountain built by hand.
Erosion of bone
Comes from clawing at the clay.
Days become decades of stacking the odds
But at what cost are these means?

No more worry intersecting the moment achieved.
Track Name: Arbutus Roots
With the demeanor of the disappearing moon
Ebbing the tides and perceiving the vacant shore

Written word biding farewell to the corruption - left behind

obtaining the conviction
to never turn back
Living by strength alone
Uninhibited by emotion
That requires a glass jaw

these relics of axiom

By never submitting to the parasites of anguish
Enduring the floods of tribulation
As the earth beneath splinters apart

Not the first to feel left for dead
While inquest to discover a sanctum
that represents the harmony of the spectators
Who were all once one.
Marked by the disdain
to summon alive woe
and cut it down with a jagged edge.
Cremated to be forgotten
Losing the sense of apprehension

Insight of the consequence
Of the winding narrow stretch
that is composed of baneful catch 22's

Be a foundation
even for those
Who wish for me to be cauterized.
Cleansed by flame.

Censure for persisting loyalty
In a theory that Pangaea is not so unattainable
a figurative continent with no boundaries

Paradigms that preach
Entropic times are to come here after
but i will not falter
FOR I HAVE FAITH that there is more
To each significance
with these verses
the seal of weakness upon this resolve is diminished

Grasp these hands that remain tattered
Brothers and sisters
Still gasping for air
Follow the compass in the sky
and in Zion we will finally rest.


Forlorn nomads
with severed ties
To a life barren of substance.

Built this way
To go to war
with a myriad
of abhorrent ideals
The tragic beginning bringing forth a beautiful ending